Manifest Positive & Lasting Change with Your Free 1-Hour Session.
Manifest Positive & Permanent Change with Your Free 1-Hour Session.

Free 1-Hour Coaching Session

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Manifest Positive & Lasting Change with Your Free 1-Hour Session.

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In-Person Training

Oracle Investments offers in-person coaching sessions right here in Norwich. Schedule your visit at a time that works for you.

Online Sessions

Our services extend nationwide through the use of Zoom. Take advantage of our expertise and never miss an appointment!

Supplemental Resources

Continue your personal development by taking advantage of our educational resources and DISC assessment training.

Achieve Your Goals with Oracle Investments

Is a Life Coach Right for Me?

One on One
Oracle Investments offers nationwide one on one online sessions to discuss your needs specifically. Schedule your session at a time that works for you.

Group Sessions
Success improves with accountability partners so bring a spouse or friends for discounted group rates for 2-4 people. Learn together and succeed together.

Tracking Resources
Tracking progress is key to success. On top of the free budget template you’ll receive for your first consultation, you’ll also receive other budget, expense, and goal oriented spreadsheets to ensure progress is being made.

Achieve Your Goals with Oracle Investments

Is a Life Coach Right for Me?

Coaching is not therapy. If you’re someone dealing with psychological issues or distress, we encourage you to take care of your health by seeking a licensed medical professional. Life coaching at Oracle Investments is for the individual looking to gain greater satisfaction and fulfillment from life. If you struggle with setting or meeting personal or career goals, we are the solution for you.
While general therapy seeks to help resolve past traumas, our expert coaches want to help you focus on building the foundation for a better future. We’ll help you to define your goalscreate actionable plans, and develop healthier habits that facilitate growth.
If this sounds like what you need, don’t wait. You only get one lifetime, so make the most of it. Claim your free 1-hour coaching session now!

How Oracle Investments Can Help You

Debt reduction

Are you tired of never being able to get ahead? Learn how to track expenses to eliminate debt faster.

Wealth building

How would you like your money to work for you? We show you basic strategies of investing so your money can make you money.

Side Hustle

Want to know the secrets of how the wealthy get wealthy? A side hustle has many benefits beyond just earning extra money.

Health and Fitness

Want to be able to enjoy your wealth for as long as possible? Learn how to take care of your health and make 80 the new 50.


Don’t have time to focus heavily on health and fitness? We provide simple nutrition tips to improve your health until you find time to dedicate more time to health and fitness.

General Life tips

Need a listening ear or advice for anything in life? As a dad I provide wisdom and different perspectives that I call Dadvice.

How Oracle Investments Can Help You

Career Development

Tired of your job? Looking for a greater sense of achievement? Start by defining your greater career goals and start building a realistic pathway to success today.

Couple's Guidance

Are you struggling with your relationship or looking to get more out of it? We specialize in working with couples to help you create a fulfilling partnership that will last a lifetime.

Personal Development

Are there characteristics you’d like to improve or kick to the curb altogether? We help you to become the best version of yourself without giving up what makes you – you.

Group Coaching

Are you a business owner or team leader looking to motivate your teammates? Oracle Investments offers group coaching to help facilitate better synergy and camaraderie.

Leadership Training

Looking to improve your abilities as a leader or executive? Our coaches have experience in leadership and can share with you the tactics and mental approach it takes to be successful.


Are you someone that feels like something’s missing from life? Our coaches offer what we call discovery coaching, where we help you uncover what’s lurking beneath the surface.

Improve Your Lifestyle Today

Your Future Self Will Thank You

Better finances

Learning how to budget expenses now will create financial freedom later.

Better health

Improving health will create a positive mindset, emotional stability, and confidence.

Freedom of time

Work twice as hard now so you can work half as much later.

Find yourself

Become who you were meant to be and inspire others.

Become a Patron

As a member or patron you will have access to one on one discussions about investing, finances, budgeting, health and fitness and more. You will also have access to exclusive videos for helping with your budget and finances as well as my entire portfolio.


Inspired by subscribers for when we have FUD. Here at Oracle Investments, we say, when there is Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt; Grab Extra!!

Stop Settling For "Okay."

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Customer Quotes

“ Every day felt like exactly the same both at work and at home and I needed to make a change. My coach helped me realize that I needed to be bold and change my work life as no one can do it for me. With their help, I was able to create a plan that was realistic and made the changes that were necessary. ”
Dana Rosen
“ Although it's not the same as therapy, it kind of felt like it in a way. I had to confront some harsh truths about what I was doing to hold myself back. However, talking with someone who gets it is the difference between falling into apathy and, instead, getting motivated to act like I finally did. ”
John Taylor
“ I've been working with my coach for roughly a year now, and I've felt noticeable changes in myself as a leader and a teammate. If what you're doing isn't working, it's worth it to learn from someone who can help .”
Jane Smith
“ Working with my coach is really what made the difference of kicking me out of the slump I didn't even realize I was in. Today, I'm happier, more energized, and excited about all the world has to offer. ”
Rina Brick